Hustle for the House-5K organized by Rowdey's Family and Friends profile picture

Hustle for the House-5K organized by Rowdey's Family and Friends

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Thank you for visiting my fundraising campaign to support families staying at Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House. Please consider donating to help me raise much needed funds for the future 177 families that will stay each night. Your donation will ensure they have more time together when they need it most.


In December 2021, we relocated and called the RMH our home for 80 nights.  It quickly became our home away from home.  I never thought my family would be put in the position that we found ourself in.  At our 20 week anatomy scan, we found out about some "concerns" they found on the ultrasound.  Turns out our sweet boy was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and referred to Cincinnati Children's Hopsital for Fetal Surgery.  After a successful surgery, and 4 nights in the hospital--I was released to go to the Ronald McDonald House.  I was on modified bed rest so we weren't able to to do much.  The RMH house provided food, snacks, activities, and compassion the entire time we were there.  Spina Bifida isn't something that goes away, since being discharged March 3rd, we have made several trips back to Cincinnati for appointments.  Each time we go back, we find comfort knowing we have a place to stay right on the hospital campus.  Just knowing that, takes away so much stress from our trip.  

Without awesome people like you, they wouldn't be able to serve the families and provide second homes to so many--when you have any medical situation the bills can add up quick.  Not having to worry about where you will stay and what you will eat when your there is priceless.  Thank you so much for your donation and helping Baby Rowdey fundraise for this incredible cause.



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